YES, Mackenzie - I want to take you up on
your SEO service...

Hey, I'm happy to see that you’re interested in my SEO services for your website.

If you’re on this page, then I’ve done my job at proving to you that I'm the one you need to take your website traffic to the next level.

My goal for you for the lifetime of us working together will always be to send your website enough organic traffic so that you’re making more money than the amount you’re paying me. Simple as that.

I'm not for everyone services work exceptionally well for clients who:

  • Understand the value of SEO and realize the positive impact it can do for your website growth
  • Make quick decisions, and can implement suggestions sooner rather than later
  • Are willing to try new things and occasionally fail
  • Are ready to accept honest feedback
  • Understand SEO is a long-term business strategy and that major results don't happen over night

If this is you, then here's what's going to happen next:

  • I’ll need you to fill out the form below, answering all the questions in as much details as possible
  • Once your form submission is received I’ll personally go through your application
  • If at the time of your application I have room for more clients, and I think you and I will be a good fit, then I’ll contact you via email so we can work out the next steps in getting your link building and/or SEO campaign started.

Updated January 23rd, 2020: Currently room for two more clients.