Yo. If you’ve somehow found your way onto this beautiful piece of internet real estate, then I can only assume two things…

  • You run a website and you’re wanting to find out how you can improve its search rankings in order to pull in more organic traffic and conversions.

  • You’re currently, or plan on offering a service that helps other websites improve their search rankings, organic traffic, and conversions.

And I’m sure you’re well aware of all of the different ways you can achieve these results.

But one of the most stable and consistent methods for increasing traffic is through link building…

So that’s what you’ll find here on SEARCHPOW.

Guides, services, and (eventually) premium courses that’ll help you earn high quality links for your or your clients sites with the end goal of making more $$$$.



My name is Mackenzie Peters, I’m the creator of SEARCHPOW, and I’ve been involved in the SEO / online marketing scene for 9 years now.

Oh and I love snowboarding ...if you couldn’t already tell by the theme of this site.

Anyways, I got into this crazy internet business stuff like many others…

I was working my first job out of high school as a grocery clerk and quickly realized that working for somebody else was not something I could live with.

So naturally I hit up my good friend, Google, and asked him a bunch of questions that eventually lead me down the slippery slope that is, “how to make money online”.

After a few years of trying and failing at god knows how many different things, the one thing that remained constant was the need to be able to generate traffic.

This realization was what lead me into the world of SEO.

Since then I’ve built my own successful websites, I’ve been the SEO Manager at one of Canada’s top SEO agencies, and now I run SEARCHPOW.

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