Hello! Thanks for checking out my site 🙂
I created SEARCHPOW for three main purposes:


Through guides, case studies, and other forms of educational content my goal is to help you along your journey of figuring out this crazy SEO puzzle so that you can increase your websites (or your clients) rankings and traffic.

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With backlinks being one of the most important factors for increasing a websites rankings, a few years ago I set out to get really good at link building.

In doing this, I’ve created a well-oiled link building machine that allows me to build links for clients and my own sites at scale.

I’ve packaged my link building process into a repeatable system that you too can use for your own business. Best of all, it shows you how to get other people to do most of the work for you.

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There’s just something about working your SEO magic on a website, and seeing its rankings, traffic and most importantly, revenue, increase that gets me fired up.

And most of my day-to-day is consumed with working on my clients websites doing just that.

As a freelance SEO I offer two premium services designed to help websites increase rankings and traffic.

SEO Campaign

This is my full fledged SEO service that handles everything for you to dramatically increase your websites organic presence. Technical audits, full on-page optimizations, content strategy, link building, EVERYTHING.

To see exactly what I do for you during your SEO campaign, check this page out.

Link Building

If you feel your website’s SEO is already on point and know that links are the next step to really getting you the rankings you deserve, but don’t have the time to do it yourself, then my link building service is for you.

I have an outline here that shows you my link building process when you hire me.

Who Am I?

My name’s Mackenzie Peters, I’m the dude behind SEARCHPOW, and I’ve been involved with the SEO / digital marketing scene for 10+ years now.

Back in 2007, fresh out of high school it was time to spend less time playing World of Warcraft and go out and get a job; a decision mainly influenced by my dad lol.

If I had it my way I would’ve played that shit till my parents kicked me out of the house …if only Twitch.tv was a thing back then ;).

Anyways, after landing my first job as a grocery clerk I quickly realized that working for somebody else wasn’t in the script for me.

But how could I work for myself if all I was good at at the time was slaying dragons and being in the top 0.5 percent PvP arena rankings?

That’s when I Googled the ever popular, “how to make money online”, and boy what a ride that was…

After a couple years of trying and failing at many of the things the gurus were pushing back then, the one thing that remained constant was the need to be able to generate traffic.

This realization was what lead me into the world of SEO.

Since then I’ve:

  • Been the SEO Manager at one of central Canada’s top SEO agencies.
  • Built my own successful ecommerce and affiliate websites.
  • And now I run SEARCHPOW where I create helpful SEO content, sell my link building system, and provide SEO services to clients all over the world.

If you ever want to get in touch, feel free to hit me up on Twitter, or shoot me an email.